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TenderFIX tube and catheter devices are designed to bring about a revolution in catheter fixation.  Holding a special patent, TenderFIX represents a new concept in superiority in catheter securement.  Our products are hypoallergenic pressure sensitive and can secure all types of catheters such as IV, Foley, CVP, drainage and epidural.


  • TenderFIX is latex free in sterile packing, allowing you to use TenderFIX products close to the insertion site or right in the sterile field.


  • TenderFIX is applied in the same simple manner as a bandage and can be easily placed and adjusted with gloved hands.


  • Durably engineered, TenderFIX holds better than tape and helps prevent the dislodgement and migration of catheters, resulting in the reduce risk of lost lines and patient discomfort.  Using TenderFIX for catheter stabilization conforms to the Infusion Nursing Standard of Practices (1) and can eliminate the need for sutures and unscheduled catheter restarts, thus directly reducing needlestick injuries (2).


  • Many TenderFIX models can be universally used with a wide range of lines, lines and virtually all catheter brand and types.

(1) Infusion Nursing Standard of Practice, February 2006, Infusion Nurse Society
(2) OSHA Fact Sheet:  Securing Medical Catheters

Universal Securement

Series-A:  Designed to hold and secure catheters for pediatric / nasogastric tube / indwelling needle catheters.

CVC Securement

Series-B:  For the minimization of catheter movements from central venous catheters (CVC/PICC).

Foley Catheter Securement

Series-C:  Specially designed with buckle piece for foley catheters and drainage tubes fixed.


PICC Securement

Series-D: Specially designed with a snap piece for spear catheters fixed.

Specialty Securement


Series-L:  Medium wide adhesives are designed to secure larger tubes in a wide variety of hub sizes and shapes made from silicone, PVC and other plastic compounds.

Wearable TenderFIX


Series-E: For pressure sensor / tracheotomy / cannula / catheter straps.


Series-F:  Catheter fixed device for gastrointestinal tubes and nose tubes.

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